Perserverance, dedication, or just plain stubborness……is there really a difference?

We have a staghorn sumac at the side of our house.  When we purchased the property it was so overgrown that it completely covered the bathroom window.  On a sunny afternoon I attacked this bush/tree with my pruners to discover that it could be somewhat tamed.  It is going on 5 years and I have religiously cut this sumac back trying to develop some kind of attraction to it. It didn’t work.  I despised this thing from the get go even though GerBe has an affinity to anything that has green leaves attached to it!

Sept 2013- sumac- 005 Sept 2013- sumac- 006

Yesterday, while my husband was at work I decided to do some pruning. Honest, that was the plan.  Once I started into the job my hatred for this tree came to the forefront. I found an old handsaw in the garage and proceeded to eradicate this thing from my flowerbed.

First I cut all of the leafy branches  to get them out of my face. I hate the stickiness of the leaves, and the ants it attracts;  just another reason to rid our yard of this thing.  I dug around the top of the root ball and uncovered several roots that had to be cut to eventually remove  it.  The hand saw that I found hadn’t been used for many years resulting in quite a struggle between me and the sumac.

Sept 2013- sumac- 008 Sept 2013- sumac- 009

It took me the most part of 5 hours to do the job, on what I suspect was the hottest, most humid day of September….. ever.  Needless to say, Gerbe was shocked when he got home; because I had gotten rid of the tree, and because of the effort it took me to do it!  He did agree that it looked better without it and since the gardening IS my responsibility, I was at liberty to do whatever I deemed necessary.

Sept 2013- sumac- 010 Sept 2013- sumac- 011

Just as a side note. As we were dragging the remaining trunk and root ball away from the site, Gerbe asked “Do you think it would grow if we planted it at the acreage?”

About DohNa

I enjoy curling up with a good book, I write poetry from the heart, I am passionate about gardening, I am an avid golfer and I love riding on the back of my husband's Harley-Davidson.
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4 Responses to Perserverance, dedication, or just plain stubborness……is there really a difference?

  1. Audie Jean says:

    🙂 Chuckles and compliments all around here. I’m proud of you!

  2. Audie Jean says:

    It may grow there anyway — just because of Gerbe’s question. 🙂

  3. prichie says:

    Nice job, DohNa, it has improved the value of your home by multiples! 🙂

  4. Bridgette says:

    Tip from a Gal who found out the hard way: Pack the root holes, check for leaks – before snow.

    We had a crab apple tree that grew too close to our first house, and after finally hacking it out one fall, we had a heavy winter of snow. Thaw came, so did the leaks. The roots had dried over winter, leaving nice little water channels directly into our foundation….. We had to dig out the next spring and parge the outside – but this was a 20 foot apple tree, so perhaps you’ll be ok. 🙂

    Way to Hack!

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