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Clearing Out the Clutter

On this morning’s walk, I started listening to Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and can’t wait to get started with this new challenge! It all makes perfect sense and sounds almost easy–almost. From what I’ve learned so far, tidying … Continue reading


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Life is Short

We’ve all said it, we’ve all seen it and some of us have experienced it much too close to home but it is a lesson learned no matter how it is presented to us.             … Continue reading

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What Goes Around………….you know.

It’s true, the old adage we have all heard so often. Sometimes things don’t fall into place on their own, sometimes we need to give them a push by stepping up to the plate, climbing through that window that opened … Continue reading

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Lasting Plastic Impressions

A week ago I was happy to remove two over-sized pails full of soil from the bottom of my compost bin and add them to my garden. Such a rewarding gift from such a small effort. As I spread the … Continue reading

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Too Many Passwords!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that in this modern world of technology, blended with the increased security risks to our personal property, information and identification, day to day living can be very very challenging. So go back … Continue reading

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Stages and Staging…… dot dot

Television is a cool commodity, first invented in 1926, first broadcast in our country around 1941.  Families today have come to recognize that it is a very necessary feature to have in the home. Gone are the days of yore … Continue reading

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A New WordPress Blog

It’s a gray windy, slightly cool Wednesday morning as I finalize my most recent changes to Sunflower Girls.  I have removed my photos.  Now the blog is less Me! Me! Me! and more Us! Us! Us! It is after all … Continue reading

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