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RePost of a Removed RiPoste

Shortly after I originally posted this back in 2011, I removed it. Why? Because I had unintentionally succeeded in hurting the feelings of one of my elderly neighbours.  Indeed, not only had I rejected his kind offer to blow the leaves off … Continue reading

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Clearing Out the Clutter

On this morning’s walk, I started listening to Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and can’t wait to get started with this new challenge! It all makes perfect sense and sounds almost easy–almost. From what I’ve learned so far, tidying … Continue reading


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I’m Busy — Enriching My Life

I’m retired and very busy. I’m also very happy. Yes, happy, because I’m busy doing things that I have chosen to do. They are important and they enrich my life. In my busy-ness, I meet extraordinary people, many because of my decision to volunteer … Continue reading

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Lasting Plastic Impressions

A week ago I was happy to remove two over-sized pails full of soil from the bottom of my compost bin and add them to my garden. Such a rewarding gift from such a small effort. As I spread the … Continue reading

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All That’s Old is New Again

As we walked through the most recent acquisition to our small town, our Flea Market, I marvelled at the abundance of items that I remember from my childhood. Of course there were the usual vendors selling novels, china, knick knacks, and … Continue reading

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Enough for Everyone

I wrote this post this morning — in my head — in the shower, while recalling how this unconventional habit began. One summer weekend a few years ago, I was faced with a challenge: how could I offer all my house-guests the opportunity to … Continue reading

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One Woman’s Wardrobe … Updated.

According to 9 attendees, this event was a success, and is a do-over. We had fun, polished off 2 to 3 bottles of wine, shared some stories and some laughs, and essentially had a great Thursday evening.  Many went home with goodies … Continue reading

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One Woman’s Wardrobe …

Well, well, this is it!  I’m starting a tradition here in My Town. If you are free — and so disposed — join us after your dinner, here at #17 on Thursday, November 3rd.  Come around 7:00 p.m. or whenever you like.  We’ll … Continue reading

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