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Striking the Right Chord

Reposted from Thrift Shops for Nova West Island https://novasadb.wordpress.com/ Accordion: a portable musical instrument with metal reeds that are blown by bellows and played by means of keys and buttons. Accord:  an agreement or reconciliation. Chord: a group of notes sounded together, as a … Continue reading


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Finding Common Ground

We are naturally drawn to certain people, activities, sights and sounds for reasons we don’t always understand. All we really know at the time is that we like sharing with this person or that place. And resistance is futile. Whether … Continue reading

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Romantic Enough for Daisy?

When I saw this lovely sequinned pin at my favourite friperie, I couldn’t help but think of Daisy Buchanan. What a romantic she was! A woman who loved being in love even more than she loved Jay Gatsby, the man … Continue reading

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