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Plans Becoming Routines = Success

via Plans Becoming Routines = Success

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Dealing with aging…..or revelling in it!

As I get older, I realize that this is a natural progression, from infant to youth, to adult, to elderly.  There is nothing I can do to stop the cycle…well there is, but the alternative is not attractive. I prefer … Continue reading

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So Many Benefits From Such a Small Investment

  I knew I would get my money’s worth, but little did I know I would get it in spades!

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I’m Busy — Enriching My Life

I’m retired and very busy. I’m also very happy. Yes, happy, because I’m busy doing things that I have chosen to do. They are important and they enrich my life. In my busy-ness, I meet extraordinary people, many because of my decision to volunteer … Continue reading


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Fern was a Classic

I could say that having Fern in my life was, in many ways, akin to having a wonderfully long, superbly-written novel resting close by. The kind of novel that draws the reader in and holds her ever close. The kind … Continue reading

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Family Recently, I have been adding information to my father-in-law’s version of his family tree. I felt privileged when he sent me the invitation to join, really it was just an invitation to add my family history, but these are … Continue reading

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Finding Common Ground

We are naturally drawn to certain people, activities, sights and sounds for reasons we don’t always understand. All we really know at the time is that we like sharing with this person or that place. And resistance is futile. Whether … Continue reading

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Artist — Lower-Case

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the title artist as it applies to me. This self-absorbed reflection began three weeks ago when Claudine Ascher, curator of the Gallery de la Ville, ( spoke to the members of the Lakeshore Camera Club ( … Continue reading

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Remember When…….?

I was doing some de-cluttering in our basement this morning and found an old friend.  I am sure my three older sisters will recognize her immediately.  She needs a good scrubbing and perhaps some new duds, but she is still … Continue reading

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Too Many Passwords!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that in this modern world of technology, blended with the increased security risks to our personal property, information and identification, day to day living can be very very challenging. So go back … Continue reading

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