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RePost of a Removed RiPoste

Shortly after I originally posted this back in 2011, I removed it. Why? Because I had unintentionally succeeded in hurting the feelings of one of my elderly neighbours.  Indeed, not only had I rejected his kind offer to blow the leaves off … Continue reading

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This Too Shall Pass

This summer, the lawns and gardens have been very parched and even a bit crispy in spots. Many people, of course, grumbled about it, while others simply pulled out the watering hoses and listened to the sighs of relief from the roots. I actually … Continue reading


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Going Squirrely

Here it is March and we are still waiting for some sign that spring is going to arrive before the month of June.  This winter has been long, with more than the normal amount of snow as well as colder … Continue reading

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Nutritious, Delicious, Free!

I’ve posted about purslane before, but felt that it was worth a repeat — especially because my harvest is so good this year. So, as a reminder of this simple garden treasure, I’ve copied a post from my Audities’ Photos … Continue reading

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Lasting Plastic Impressions

A week ago I was happy to remove two over-sized pails full of soil from the bottom of my compost bin and add them to my garden. Such a rewarding gift from such a small effort. As I spread the … Continue reading

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Winter Snow, Wiarton Willie, Sandy beaches, Retirement and Spring

Here it is almost the middle of February. If we put any faith in the predicting rodents from February 2nd, spring is just around the corner. I find this encouraging and it gives me hope that we can survive the … Continue reading

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Tingling Connections

Well, it has been awhile! And, indeed, it has been quite a busy “while” for me. When my school called at the end of October to ask me to fill in for 8 weeks, my first reaction was, “No way, I … Continue reading

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Well, here I am with another first.  As the Beatles said, “When I’m si-x-ty-four.” Yesterday morning I went into my forest with my two trusty companions, Pokey-Mokey and Lumix, and to my I delight, found subjects for more than my … Continue reading

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