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Life is Short

We’ve all said it, we’ve all seen it and some of us have experienced it much too close to home but it is a lesson learned no matter how it is presented to us.             … Continue reading

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Working on a New Blog

Sheesh! I know. Do I really have time for this? But! ! I have found that, after taking photos, my next biggest reward comes from playing with them. I especially like the challenge of turning them into greeting cards. After a … Continue reading

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Aw yes, reunions! What power they have to feed the soul and the ego. Recently I attended an open house at my former workplace after being retired and away from the school for over a year and a half.  What … Continue reading

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Time to Get Serious

Well, Readers! I have decided to finally put some effort into making my passion profitable.  🙂 (No, not the blogging-world-hobby!  Although that can be fun, and rewarding, I personally have much more interest in expressing myself in pixels.) I feel … Continue reading


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Christmas Past

Here it is only a week before the big day. Stores are abustle with shoppers frantically searching for that special gift for that special someone. I sip my coffee letting my thoughts drift back to my childhood. As a child, … Continue reading

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One Woman’s Wardrobe … Updated.

According to 9 attendees, this event was a success, and is a do-over. We had fun, polished off 2 to 3 bottles of wine, shared some stories and some laughs, and essentially had a great Thursday evening.  Many went home with goodies … Continue reading

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One Woman’s Wardrobe …

Well, well, this is it!  I’m starting a tradition here in My Town. If you are free — and so disposed — join us after your dinner, here at #17 on Thursday, November 3rd.  Come around 7:00 p.m. or whenever you like.  We’ll … Continue reading

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My Place or Yours

Today I spent some time in the beautiful sunshine in my front yard.  It had promised to be a rainy cool day and I was thrilled to see how wrong the weatherman was. My front yard has been overgrown since … Continue reading

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The Mighty Steam Engine

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Steam Engines

Have you ever watched a parade with those mighty engines and imagined what it was like to see them pull a plow and make the turns at the end of a row in a field?  Well it is quite amazing! … Continue reading

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