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Clearing Out the Clutter

On this morning’s walk, I started listening to Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and can’t wait to get started with this new challenge! It all makes perfect sense and sounds almost easy–almost. From what I’ve learned so far, tidying … Continue reading


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Striking the Right Chord

Reposted from Thrift Shops for Nova West Island https://novasadb.wordpress.com/ Accordion: a portable musical instrument with metal reeds that are blown by bellows and played by means of keys and buttons. Accord:  an agreement or reconciliation. Chord: a group of notes sounded together, as a … Continue reading

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Simple Truths That Still Work for Me

I didn’t become a contented 67-year-old in good health and great spirits by accident. No, my journey to this destination started a number of years ago when I finally had the courage to really embrace my personal wisdom. Armed with … Continue reading

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Enough for Everyone

I wrote this post this morning — in my head — in the shower, while recalling how this unconventional habit began. One summer weekend a few years ago, I was faced with a challenge: how could I offer all my house-guests the opportunity to … Continue reading

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