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Dealing with aging…..or revelling in it!

As I get older, I realize that this is a natural progression, from infant to youth, to adult, to elderly.  There is nothing I can do to stop the cycle…well there is, but the alternative is not attractive. I prefer … Continue reading

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Today’s Yarn Has a Lovely Hook — Thrift Shops for Nova West Island

Yes, indeed! To be precise, if we unravel the stitches in this story , we will see that it involves not only volunteering, community, and loops of love, but also a well-used crochet hook. The babies’ afghans, shown above, were … Continue reading

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Daily Delight for the Five Senses

Originally posted on AJ's Classroom:
Who: I and my 82-year-old companion What:  walk 5 km When: 7 a.m. Where: the perimeter of our community Why: for mental and physical well-being How: briskly with lots of communication Bonus: All of our senses are…

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Old Teachers Never … Stop Teaching

Originally posted on AJ's Classroom:
I’m curious about what inspires my need to teach. Truly there is a force that compels me to take the information I process and share it with those I love. And it is not simply caring and sharing, but rather explaining, and rewording, and listening,…

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Nothing is More Important

Originally posted on Lazy Mill Hill Farm:
This morning the air feels thick and settled, and when I walked down the field to feed and water the meat birds, I could barely discern the cows through the haze. They rose…

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The Beat Goes On

With winter behind us, and I sure say that lightly since we had more than a dusting of snow and cold temps late into May, it is time to get the creaks out of our bones, the warm clothes packed … Continue reading

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Backyard Visitor

I remember a sister, yes, one of the Sunflower Girls, talking a year or so ago about the beautiful blue herons. Funny to me, because although they are impressive and huge, WilleR and I have not called them anything but … Continue reading

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Such a Looong Story!

This is the result of a long run-around with WordPress to get my connection working again. I think it has worked. I have my big sister to thank. She loves a mystery and won’t stop until it is solved. So … Continue reading

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Treat me to some respect, please.

Originally posted on Two Cents:
I had a coworker who used to be very confused about how often I’d take things on the proverbial chin.  He’d warn:  “You teach people how to treat you”. The difference, I felt, between us,…

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All That’s Old is New Again

As we walked through the most recent acquisition to our small town, our Flea Market, I marvelled at the abundance of items that I remember from my childhood. Of course there were the usual vendors selling novels, china, knick knacks, and … Continue reading

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