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Still Learning — Gut Feelings

It has been awhile since I shared my diet revelations here on Sunflower Girls. So here goes. This adjustment does not demonstrate any drastic changes to what I’ve previously preached, but I feel it does give me an additional level of … Continue reading

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Optimistic Signs

Yesterday, while reading posts on my Pages Feed on Facebook, I had a lovely little sense of hope. Hope that the truth may yet come out about diet and its real connection to our mental and physical health. A well-respected … Continue reading

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Nutritious, Delicious, Free!

I’ve posted about purslane before, but felt that it was worth a repeat — especially because my harvest is so good this year. So, as a reminder of this simple garden treasure, I’ve copied a post from my Audities’ Photos … Continue reading

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Lasting Plastic Impressions

A week ago I was happy to remove two over-sized pails full of soil from the bottom of my compost bin and add them to my garden. Such a rewarding gift from such a small effort. As I spread the … Continue reading

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Little Miss Homemaker Freezes Beans

Now that the last beans have been picked and the plants have been pulled from the garden, I guess I had better get this post … ahhem, … posted. How the time has flown since I took these photos!  Since … Continue reading

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Minor Revisions to Paleo Suggestions

Hello Paleo-ers, I’ve just had a brief look at Dr. Harris’ newest post and I feel the information is important to share.  Down at number 7 on his list of diet essentials, he says: Plant storage organs like potatoes and … Continue reading

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A Non-Typical Breakfast … But it Works Too

This morning, finding my fridge bare of eggs, I had to improvise to get the mostly-fat, moderate-protein, and smattering of carbs for my breakfast/brunch. Here’s what I did: I started with two slices of cooked & frozen pork belly.  Then I … Continue reading


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Foraging in the Backyard

Well, here we are again with another Foraging Freebie.  And this time you don’t even have to walk to your favourite forest.  You can find this glorious edible weed, packed high in omega 3, right in your own backyard. When … Continue reading

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Fatty Foods for Thought

I’m so pleased that Audie-Jean posted her epistle, as she once called it.  This was during her out-pouring of patience as she tried to help me, a younger sister, understand the whats and the whys of her new dietary lifestyle. … Continue reading

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Proof in the pudding… to speak

As I stood over the stove this morning frying my fresh pork belly, while stirring two tablespoons of butter into my Omega 3 packed, free range eggs, I reflected on the past year and a half.  I have to say that I … Continue reading

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