Nutritious, Delicious, Free!

I’ve posted about purslane before, but felt that it was worth a repeat — especially because my harvest is so good this year. So, as a reminder of this simple garden treasure, I’ve copied a post from my Audities’ Photos blog and inserted it here.

Nutritious, Delicious, Free!

Nutritious, Delicious, Free!

Go out into your yard and disrupt the soil. Then wait, watch and wonder. Before long you may be lucky enough to see a whole new crop of these wonderful weeds. Isn’t that great? “Weeds?” you ask. “Why would I want more weeds?” Well, quite simply, this is not just any weed — this one is packed full of omega 3, and vitamin E, and antioxidants, and iron and more! Read more about it here: And, don’t forget: it’s free for the picking. Just rinse off and eat it fresh in a salad, or stir fry quickly in butter. Perhaps you might even sprinkle a bit of lemon juice and salt on it. Yummy! Let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing your opinion too.


About Audie Jean

I love volunteering for Thrift Shops for Nova West Island. I also spend a lot of time taking photos, making greeting cards, exploring on the computer, and doing all kinds of other things that stimulate learning. It is very important for me that I LEARN or DO something every day. I have a special fondness for milking cows, reading poetry, cutting grass, walking in the woods, chatting with my grandchildren, and much, much more. Life is indeed fun. Reach me at:
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3 Responses to Nutritious, Delicious, Free!

  1. Prichie says:

    My crop was small this year, too small for consumption but I’m hoping next year will be more productive.

    • Audie Jean says:

      I have learned that the pickings are much better in new locations. Where I pulled out grass at the solarium base, I got many, many new plants. In the “garden” area, the harvest is rather pitiful. I believe it’s mostly because the new areas get so much more sun, and purslane seems to be a sun-loving specimen. Like me. 🙂

  2. Cathy Dickert says:


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