Clearing Out the Clutter

On this morning’s walk, I started listening to Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and can’t wait to get started with this new challenge! It all makes perfect sense and sounds almost easy–almost.

From what I’ve learned so far, tidying supposedly involves a simple decision: Discard the item or keep it and then find a place for it.

Among other things, I understand that to avoid failure, we should adopt the following:

  • Plan to tidy once, in one big process, not in stages, a little every day forever.
  • Work with categories, not locations.
  • Discard before you start tidying.
  • Focusing on how and where to store items is a recipe for  hoarding.
  • It is better to consciously decide what to keep, rather than to decide what to discard.
  • Aim for perfection.
  • Do it in silence.
  • Don’t let your family see what you discard.

Because I am really, really busy with life, I probably should actually add this project/activity to my schedule.

Because I share a home with someone who will almost certainly disagree with my choices, I will have to wait for the right occasion to start this.

Hmmm? Is that procrastination? Am I ready for this?

I’ll keep you informed of my progress.



About Audie Jean

I love volunteering for Thrift Shops for Nova West Island. I also spend a lot of time taking photos, making greeting cards, exploring on the computer, and doing all kinds of other things that stimulate learning. It is very important for me that I LEARN or DO something every day. I have a special fondness for milking cows, reading poetry, cutting grass, walking in the woods, chatting with my grandchildren, and much, much more. Life is indeed fun. Reach me at:
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2 Responses to Clearing Out the Clutter

  1. prichie says:

    Sixteen steps ahead of you here Audie Jean. I had a bit more persuasive motive but still the same result. Good luck!

  2. DohNa says:

    I do some cleaning for an older lady who has issues with holding onto ‘stuff’. Every week when I go over she states that she hasn’t had time to ‘look through’ last weeks paper or flyers…this pile is now probably 4 weeks worth of papers high and growing as we speak. Her family is of no help to her and are constantly pulling her in many different directions, away from the task at hand which is to manage her own living space. Very sad indeed….I do not want to end up like this and will take heed of Marie Kondo’s advice.

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