Backyard Visitor

I remember a sister, yes, one of the Sunflower Girls, talking a year or so ago about the beautiful blue herons. Funny to me, because although they are impressive and huge, WilleR and I have not called them anything but NASTY and hope we don’t see any! I guess in explanation to that, it is because we had a small pond in our backyard with inhabitants……….koi and goldfish.



We’ve lost a few to this long legged bird, one of our favourites, a 6 inch koi. The fish was too large and heavy for a quick snack and Mr. Heron could not carry him away. In a fit of fear, something scared him off, he had to drop his meal and fly off. Not soon enough though, our koi perished.


Yes,well not so sad perhaps for those of you without pond fish, but quite traumatic to us……me. None-the-less, as I said the creatures are impressive and I managed to get a couple of shots of him on the neighbours roof. 


It got to the point where we covered our pond earlier in the fall and put off the re-opening until late spring. The preferred species of bird in our yard were of this size. 


Now, it doesn’t matter. We had such a harsh winter in Ontario that the pond froze over to a thickness of at least 4″……our remaining fish never had a chance. So visit blue herons, the yard is open to you!

Here ya go AudieJean!


About prichie

I'm married and even though it took me 3 times to find the love of my whole life, I truly value the idea of marriage. With only a few, very few, years left before retirement, I am doing a lot of dreaming and planning about what those years will bring. I'm a happy, confident person who sometimes tests the norm in my daily fashion. I'm pleased with where I am in life and plan on sticking around for many many years!
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6 Responses to Backyard Visitor

  1. Audie Jean says:

    Thanks for this, Prichie. Yes, they are beautiful birds and, like all living creatures, they need to eat. Your pond, unfortunately for your fish, was like the local convenience store. Why fly to the countryside if you can get a delicious treat right next door, in a beautiful backyard?

  2. DohNa says:

    I love the picture of your visitor on the neighbours roof….truly impressive! Send him up to our larger pond at the Acreage would you please;-)

  3. prichie says:

    Unfortunately I haven’t seen him for a while. Now that our fish are gone, I would love to see him again!

  4. gchristie says:

    Hi All, Grrrr. How do I start a new post for sunflower girls. I have been looking for an hour now to no avail. I’ve forgotten because it has been so long. Help please.

    • prichie says:

      Hi Gayle – sorry I didn’t see this until now. When you are on the page Sunflower Girls, up in the top corner there is a picture of a stubby pencil with a + sign. Click on it and you should have the open page with “Title” at the top. Let me know!

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