Too Many Passwords!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that in this modern world of technology, blended with the increased security risks to our personal property, information and identification, day to day living can be very very challenging.

So go back forty plus years when the major worry we had was whether we remembered our locker combination in high school and who that new girl in your homeroom is. How easy life was then! It really makes it tough to realize that all of these new and improved changes are for the best. It’s a trial to the memory no matter how you look at it.

We went from that to living in towns and cities with postal codes, our vehicles came with keyless locks requiring a code you ‘don’t dare write down’, cell phones with a password, computers with several applications including your banking, each one requiring an individual password because of the hackers just waiting to get their hands on your life.

The search engines on your laptop, Google, Yahoo, Bing………two and three email addresses because we are so popular and need to keep in touch every minute of every day with our smart phones and playbooks. Not to even mention the requirements at work for email and business applications necessary to do your job. Passwords that need to be six digits, some with letters and numbers, some with a capital letter and after wracking your brain to come up with the perfect one that makes sense to you, that you haven’t used before and that is easy to remember only to discover that it is ‘weak’ ‘fair’ or ‘already in use’ upon submission. Just writing this I feel the need to pour myself a nip of that 12 year old rum recently recommended to me…….and it’s not even 8 am!

I don’t know if I am the only one experiencing this frustration………..and sadly have to admit that I have begun using the same or similar name for my password by simply adding a numerical digit which changes when I’m prompted that it is time to change my password. Aaarrgh! Are you kidding me??

So, Manulife, library, cupe, blurb, google, wordpress, blackberry, amazon, pinterest, kobo etc etc. while I admit you are very handy to have access to and I probably wouldn’t be able to cope in today’s world without you…………….YOU ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY!

My scribble page of username and password codes which began a few years ago as half a page has now turned into a two page mess of my life with WilleR and he has now begun his own list!

Sigh…….It is time to convert it all neatly onto my computer, tucked away under a new password. What do you think of “Crazy2”???

About prichie

I'm married and even though it took me 3 times to find the love of my whole life, I truly value the idea of marriage. With only a few, very few, years left before retirement, I am doing a lot of dreaming and planning about what those years will bring. I'm a happy, confident person who sometimes tests the norm in my daily fashion. I'm pleased with where I am in life and plan on sticking around for many many years!
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2 Responses to Too Many Passwords!

  1. Audie Jean says:

    Been there. Done that. I know EXACTLY what you mean.
    Am I somehow involved with that recommended12-year-old alcoholic beverage?

    BTW, “Keeper” is very good. You set it up on your smart phone and your desktop, with access using ONE master password — choose a good one — a keeper. Then inside you store all your categories of items that need a password. I have been using it for a couple of years and love it. It definitely helps me.
    It hasn’t, however, necessarily reduced my enjoyment of the 12-year-old rum.

  2. DohNa says:

    I too have resorted to using the same password for my access to a multitude of sites. I am not so organized as to have 1 or 2 pages of these things, I hate to admit that they are scribbled on various pieces of paper in various locations all over my kitchen. Thank goodness the coconut oil that I add to my coffee each morning helps me to remember ‘where’ these scraps of paper are located. Brilliant right? Or maybe it is the rum talking…and yes Audie Jean, you were involved in that particular choice of spirit!

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