Stages and Staging…… dot dot

Television is a cool commodity, first invented in 1926, first broadcast in our country around 1941.  Families today have come to recognize that it is a very necessary feature to have in the home.

Gone are the days of yore though, when evening/weekend tv was enjoyed by the whole family together with only one program to watch in black and white. Perhaps my siblings will remember when one first adorned our living room.

My first and most favourite memory was in 1964 when The Beatles first appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. I was glued to the screen, from my appropriate distance to the tv, sitting on the floor with my brother. Yes Mom, I was sitting up very straight!

That was the predominant room for a television, after all, it was unheard of to have a ‘rec room’ or to even consider one being in a bedroom. This was where the family assembled.

Television has certainly become a part of our lives and I must say to some respect……….it has taken over our lives. It tells us what to eat, what to wear, where we should go, what we should and shouldn’t do, how to purchase homes, how to renovate homes and how to sell homes.

The latter is today’s beef (and not the good fatty stuff), from my point of view.

Having just listed our newly renovated bungalow on the real estate market, we were firm in our stance that we would let no one come in and tell us what we needed to do to ‘stage’ our home for the perfect sale. We set about painting on our own, purging on our own and tidying on a daily basis. We felt good that we were in control.

With the push of urgency coming from our accepted offer on a new place with the condition of our sale………..we slowly lost control. Before our first realtor walk through, we found we were willing to follow the agent’s rules of

“3 items on the counter”, “no family pictures bar one”, “white towels”, “toilet seats down”, “all lights on” etc etc etc. Our common sense just became paranoid.

The new life stage WilleR and I are going through is already driving us a little bit around the bend. Because television programs are showing young and old buyers what to look for, they have lost all vision on what a place ‘could’ look like without my furniture, without my pictures adorning the walls, without a model home countertop. Their comments of “well, that large table just makes the room look small” and “what were they thinking with this colour of paint on the wall?”. Grrr! My table won’t be here when we move!!! I was thinking I wanted some colour in MY home!!! I yell at the tv.

Having said all that we are finding that we are obeying all the rules………….even making sure the dog dish is tucked discretely under the sink before we exit the home for a viewing. So much so that we are also finding ourselves exiting the perfectly staged home without our phones, our wallets, our lunch bags. Our minds are fading!

Crazy, I tell you, it’s making us a little bit crazy.

Yes, it’s all going to be worth it in the end, we tell ourselves. The goal is to sell our home, no matter what it takes. So, just pour a cuppa and sit in front of the television and watch …………..anything but a HOMES FOR SALE program!

Oh there is the phone. We have a second walk through and need to be out in an hour, go turn the lights on!

About prichie

I'm married and even though it took me 3 times to find the love of my whole life, I truly value the idea of marriage. With only a few, very few, years left before retirement, I am doing a lot of dreaming and planning about what those years will bring. I'm a happy, confident person who sometimes tests the norm in my daily fashion. I'm pleased with where I am in life and plan on sticking around for many many years!
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2 Responses to Stages and Staging…… dot dot

  1. DohNa says:

    Nicely stated prichie. We went through the same thing to a certain extent 4 no wait 5 years ago? I’m not even sure now, which goes to show that it will all be forgotten when that magical call comes through “You have an offer.” 🙂 Good Luck!

  2. Audie Jean says:

    🙂 What a fun read! Thanks. Like you, I would have a hard time. I guess ideally we need buyers with our tastes/interests/dreams, etc.
    Thankfully, I’m not looking to sell any time soon.
    Good luck with the sale.

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