Time to Get Serious

Well, Readers!

I have decided to finally put some effort into making my passion profitable.  🙂

(No, not the blogging-world-hobby!  Although that can be fun, and rewarding, I personally have much more interest in expressing myself in pixels.)

I feel that, with at least 45,000 photos on my hard drive today, and with so many Ops out there, it’s about time for me to try to sell something.  Someone may agree that my treasures are worth buying!

Yes, the whole idea is a bit intimidating to me — I am not really a saleswoman.  But hey! It’s all part of the Learning Curves that I posted about on April 29th.

Indeed, there is much learning to do! But I will do it.  After all, I survived the unwelcome switch to FaceBook’s TimeLine.  I’ll keep you posted when I have something to share — if I have the time.

My intention is to work in front of my 27 inch iMac almost every week-day — probably mornings only — so my blogging time will be limited.  And I may, of course, be overwhelmed with sales, and accounting, and depositing my fortunes!  🙂

There will be changes because I will be uploading more photos from my library at Lightroom, and possibly deleting some of the old ones.  From what I can see, the new images are even better.  You see, I have learned a thing or two over the years.  🙂

Don’t be shy to send your comments. I welcome your feedback.

About Audie Jean

I love volunteering for Thrift Shops for Nova West Island. I also spend a lot of time taking photos, making greeting cards, exploring on the computer, and doing all kinds of other things that stimulate learning. It is very important for me that I LEARN or DO something every day. I have a special fondness for milking cows, reading poetry, cutting grass, walking in the woods, chatting with my grandchildren, and much, much more. Life is indeed fun. Reach me at: ajdrakie@gmail.com
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3 Responses to Time to Get Serious

  1. DohNa says:

    I am very pleased that you have finally decided to reap some ‘financial’ rewards from the many fantastic shots that you have shared, or not, for the past years. I have always enjoyed and oft times envied your ‘eye’ for the perfect photo. I wish you success in your most recent endeavour, knowing that you will accomplish any goals that you have set for yourself…..after all you are a Sunflower Girl::-)

  2. Bridgette says:

    🙂 (Fyi …. someone is claiming some form of royalties of a certain picture of a certain dog on a certain bridge …)

  3. Audie Jean says:

    🙂 Hee, Hee, Hee.
    Didn’t you know that Herc signed a waiver when we were there this summer. He was quite agreeable, actually.

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