Christmas Past

Here it is only a week before the big day. Stores are abustle with shoppers frantically searching for that special gift for that special someone. I sip my coffee letting my thoughts drift back to my childhood.

As a child, Christmas was the exciting prospect of Santa and gifts. Christmas eve was spent searching for that one pair of knee socks that didn’t have a hole in the heel, sometimes leaving us with frantic repairs before hanging. We would leave milk & cookies for Santa of course and spend a restless night staring at the ceiling listening for hooves on the rooftop wishing Mom & Dad would go to bed.

I have a fond memory of sneaking downstairs at dawn on the 25th of December with whispers, “Did he come?” and “You should see how many presents are under the tree!” The coffee table would be laden with bowls of nuts, grapes and tangerines, all special treats. In the early years  6 of us siblings would bombard Mom & Dad on their bed, with overfilled stockings in our arms. We were allowed to empty these early but the gifts under the tree were not to be touched until  breakfast and the table clearing had been completed. A quilt or blanket would be neatly spread in front of the decorated tree, and we would patiently wait for Dad to sit at the head and hand out the gifts one by one.Our squeals of delight and anticipation would fill the room.

There was always a new board game for the family to share during the school vacation, new hats and mitts, jigsaw puzzles, and always that one special something that we had asked Santa to bring. My most precious gift was a Jon Nagy Art Set which I received at age 11 or 12 and treasured for years afterwards. The aroma of roasting turkey filled the house and friends or relatives would drop by to play cards with Mom & Dad.

These were special times and traditions which I carried on with my children. I hope they hold their memories as close to their hearts as I do mine.


About DohNa

I enjoy curling up with a good book, I write poetry from the heart, I am passionate about gardening, I am an avid golfer and I love riding on the back of my husband's Harley-Davidson.
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2 Responses to Christmas Past

  1. Audie Jean says:

    I don’t remember ever hearing anything about Jon Nagy. Really? Do you know where it is now? I guess not — you’re right, it was a few years ago. 🙂

  2. PatsyRich says:

    Oh, I remember very clearly Dohna getting the kit and how she sat and practised for hours, drawing the sketches and then entering contests. Very cool memories, DohNa. Sometimes waiting for Daddy to come and start handing out gifts was not so patient. It was so exciting from the colouring book sticking out the top of one of the two socks safety-pinned together over a chair to the very last gift being handed out. I remember asking for a transistor radio at 15 and a white fuzzy hat with ties and getting them both. That was a great year! I loved sitting around the big extended dining room table as a family either playing a board game or putting together one of the 1000 piece puzzles that we found under the tree. Many times, there were aunts and uncles around the table too. Often, I wish things were that simple today.

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