Sights and Sounds of September

It’s a breezy day in the back forty of my work location in a south corner of the city.  Sitting at the rustic weather-beaten table after a quick bite it dawns on me, just how lucky I am to hear and to see. Things I seldom express gratitude for.

At night, I long for quiet, mere silence so I can sleep, but now? Ssssh, just stop and listen for a moment. A train is chugging across the busy street down from the hopsital with the clack-clacking on the rails. I hope the patients are not too disturbed as this wheeled monster makes its daily trek.

In the tree, that is providing me with shade, a black squirrel is nibbling furiously on a walnut, peeling that outer coating with such determination! Once he succeeds it will be hidden away for a winter snack, no doubt.

My attention is drawn to the chain link fence where two chattering sparrows are making plans to meet in the leaves along the curb…..and there they go.  Those very same crispy leaves which the tree has granted retirement to, seemingly early in my eyes, are fluttering across the pavement caught up in the gust of a September breeze.

The traffic begins moving again through the intersection now that the train has passed.  Honking horns indicate the impatience of drivers and the workers who may be returning from their lunch break tardy.  Surely employers allow for delays caused by the CNR?

I close my book realizing that I didn’t read too much today but grateful all the same for the peaceful sounds during my 15 min. break.  I brace myself for the all too familiar echo of my phone ringing at my desk.  I sigh and return on time as I have been doing for 28 plus years. I have a job to do.

About prichie

I'm married and even though it took me 3 times to find the love of my whole life, I truly value the idea of marriage. With only a few, very few, years left before retirement, I am doing a lot of dreaming and planning about what those years will bring. I'm a happy, confident person who sometimes tests the norm in my daily fashion. I'm pleased with where I am in life and plan on sticking around for many many years!
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3 Responses to Sights and Sounds of September

  1. gchristie says:

    Thanks for the visual description, prichie

  2. DohNa says:

    I can send you a few more squirrels if you like…that one must be lonely!

  3. prichie says:

    There are two that actually fight over the nuts…………this one obviously won the battle!

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