Proof in the pudding… to speak

As I stood over the stove this morning frying my fresh pork belly, while stirring two tablespoons of butter into my Omega 3 packed, free range eggs, I reflected on the past year and a half.  I have to say that I was likely the first of the sisters to ‘jump on the bandwagon’  with Audie-Jean and her ideas of healthy eating.  I’m not entirely sure if it was that I truly  believed the premise of Paleo, or just that I was open to sisterly advice.

We had shared many different ‘eating styles’ over the years, mainly to maintain our weight and tone our bodies.  My significant others in each case were fully supportive but not interested in adopting the same habits.  However, when first I was approached with this idea,  I knew there was a difference.  Whether because of my advancing age and the physical and mental changes that came with it, or simply because  I could feel the excitement in my sister’s voice when she talked about it.

There are always those questions.  “What if it is true? What if I could ensure a healthier body and mind in my later years?  What if Audie-Jean has found the answer?  What if Canada’s food Guide is not as ‘healthy’ as we are led to believe?

I have slowly changed my eating habits, and gently encouraged my spouse to do the same.  It seems to be tougher for a man to give up the foods that were classed as ‘staples’ such as bread and potatoes. I have to admit, they are not entirely omitted from our dinner table yet, but their usage is greatly reduced.  I religiously check labels and spend more time in the grocery store than I did before, though walk out with less in my bags.  Our grocery bill is significantly less and we are rarely hungry though we eat only two meals per day!

Ger-bie weighed in at 207 lbs when first we embarked on this journey.  He is now a svelte 165 and feels great! His cholesterol level is lower than before, though we have bacon and eggs every single morning, plus his energy level has increased as well.  His favourite comment is “Now I can actually bend over to tie my shoes.” I dropped 17 pounds and went from a size 12 down to a size 8. The weight loss is of lesser importance than the overall health benefits. I have eliminated most of my aches as well as the ‘floaters’ in my eyes.  I have also noticed that there are a lot fewer memory lapses than before, which was one of my main concerns.

Our goal is to remain as healthy in body and mind as possible, for as long into our golden years as we can. I truly believe that with this healthy way of eating, we will achieve  just that! Thank you Audie-Jean 😉

About DohNa

I enjoy curling up with a good book, I write poetry from the heart, I am passionate about gardening, I am an avid golfer and I love riding on the back of my husband's Harley-Davidson.
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1 Response to Proof in the pudding… to speak

  1. Audie Jean says:

    I like the “gentle” part, and it’s true. I remember how respectfully your suggestions were delivered. 🙂

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