Healthy Eating — Beginning Basics

Before we go much further into this beautiful blog life, I feel it’s important to share something that I discovered over 2 years ago that is absolutely vital to my healthy mind and body.

It came to me through long hours of reading and studying and cross-referencing my sources.  Because I found it so fascinating, I read books and blogs and the published results of scientific studies when I could find them on the web.  And I learned and I understood, and I made up my mind.  And then I put what I had learned into practice.

I had almost unbelievable success.  No more aches and pains; no more stiffness; no more black floaters in my eyes; no more brain fog; no more extra 30 pounds around my belly and thighs; no more fibrous, lumpy breasts, and an unbelievable increase in my over-all quality of life.  I no longer had to take aspirin several times a week for my sore knees or elbows or shoulders.  I had not been extremely overweight or suffering from any obvious measurable disease; people saw me as a normal healthy 60 year-old woman.  Nevertheless, the difference after my change in eating habits was quite remarkable.  The improvement was so great, in fact, that I felt compelled to share my knowledge with my loved ones.  To my delight, many of them embraced it as quickly as I did with equal or even greater benefits.

What I am talking about here is “our way of eating.”  No, I don’t think of it as a diet per se.  Rather, I would say it is a set of guidelines.  In this post, I would like to  elaborate a bit on these guidelines and give you all some food for thought.   Then, like us, you can choose to accept or reject, adopt or adapt — according to your personal preferences.  Maybe you too will improve your quality of life and never look back.

Although, I believe this is the truth,  I would prefer you to be skeptical, and question these ideas, and then do your own research, and make up your own mind.  In fact, I am providing you with a few links to help you do just that.   I don’t agree with everything on every blog, and you probably shouldn’t either.  Sometimes they have something to sell, so we have to be wise and selective.  But the bottom line is that you want to find out what you believe, and you can only do that by reading a lot.  And then you too might find the spark to motivate a change in your life.

Although it has been only a couple of years, sometimes I feel as though I have always eaten this way.  It just feels so natural and easy.  Maybe that comes from my paleo ancestors speaking to me.  Who knows?  Our guts do talk to us.

So, just what am I talking about?  Well, in general we call it paleo.  I’ll give the general overview here, and then in later posts, I can elaborate on some of the finer points.

These are the main focus points:

  • Eliminate all wheat products–especially the whole wheat ones.  That means finding a way to eat without bread, pastries, pastas, etc.  
  • Eliminate all oils that come from corn, soya, safflower, canola, etc  …. (i.e everything except olive oil and coconut oil.)  Unfortunately, these bad oils are hidden in all kinds of “mystery-fake-foods” so, read the labels.
  • Get rid of all processed foods.  By doing the first two, you probably have already accomplished this one, and vice versa.
  • Eat these good saturated fats: a lot of butter and coconut oil and/or MCT oil, olive oil, avocado, plus the fat from fatty cuts of meat and fish.  
  • Reduce fiber.  It’s not only not necessary–it’s bad.  That includes, rice and other whole grains and cereals.  
  • Reduce/eliminate all sugars ( = carbs ) and especially the carbs in fruit and fruit juice.  They are extremely high in fructose–and often HFCS (high fructose corn syrup)  
  • Reduce nut consumption.  Like the bad oils, they are very high in omega 6.  We all need to essentially build up our omega 3’s which we get from fish, sardines (packed in olive oil or water, not soya oil) and grass fed- meats.
  • Eat good fatty yogurt–11 % is available and delicious. Make sure it is unflavoured.  Eat cheddar cheese, and fatty soft cheeses…
  • Make sure you eat NO SOY in any form except fermented — in moderation.
  • Consider adding vitamin D 3.  Get into the sunshine–without the sunblock.  Or/and take a good quality Vit D3 supplement.  In the winter or when there is no sun for awhile, I take up to 5,000 units.

So, that’s it for now.  I’ll probably come back to this again later, and I’m sure my sisters will post their own experiences with this way of eating. 


About Audie Jean

I love volunteering for Thrift Shops for Nova West Island. I also spend a lot of time taking photos, making greeting cards, exploring on the computer, and doing all kinds of other things that stimulate learning. It is very important for me that I LEARN or DO something every day. I have a special fondness for milking cows, reading poetry, cutting grass, walking in the woods, chatting with my grandchildren, and much, much more. Life is indeed fun. Reach me at:
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3 Responses to Healthy Eating — Beginning Basics

  1. prichie says:

    Thank you Audie Jean for posting this one……….I knew it was coming and will indeed post my own story later with my successes as well. Food for thought, good one!

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