Steam Engines

Have you ever watched a parade with those mighty engines and imagined what it was like to see them pull a plow and make the turns at the end of a row in a field?  Well it is quite amazing!  I had the pleasure of watching these mighty engines on the weekend past, with the black smoke billowing out of their large smoke stacks, clinking and clanging as they rumble down the parade route, then with a jump and a startle you have heard the shreek and the steam has been released from another stack. As their owners drive past you they pull the whistle, sometimes each engine following with the same sound.
100 years has come and gone for some of these reconditioned and restored magnificent steam engines.

About cthylou

Sister # 1 newly retired, and loves her cottage
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3 Responses to Steam Engines

  1. cthylou says:

    had a picture but apparently it didn’t show up

  2. DohNa says:

    I can picture it cthylou….and almost hear the sound!

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