Reptiles and Amphibians

At Paradise Pond we have several frogs, a few snakes, 3 turtles, a big white fish, and several small fish, all sharing our beautiful property.


Here is Emmy holding a relative of Mowgli.

The frogs are plentiful and are known to jump as I pass by and startle me.   One of my granddaughters loves to catch them, pick them up and carry them around until they get tired of that and jump off her hand.  My other granddaughter thinks she wants to catch them, but is more comfortable just being an observer, like her Grandmother.  They are mostly if not all leopard frogs and vary from all green with black spots, to half green and brown, or mostly brown.  I can happily live in cooperation with the frogs.

Here is Franklin with a small painted turtle following close behind or even catching a ride.

We have Franklin, who is a snapping turtle living in our pond, and he is about 10 inches across his moss backed shell.  He has a big flat head and although he is cautious to show himself, he will venture up to the surface and float there quite close to the shore near where I am standing, silently watching.  Jaydee thinks that he may be relocated to the afterlife.  The other 2 turtles are small painted ones who hang suspended in the pond with their heads sticking out, looking around, until something causes them to dart to the bottom.  They are a joy to watch and can stay.

Big Fish, who has had several names but none that have stuck to date, is the ruler of the pond and surveys his kingdom on as constant basis.  He is about 2 ft long or so and is

white with an orange coloured underbelly.  I have no problem with Big Fish.  The smaller fish are not identified yet, but they like to nibble at our legs when we go swimming.  It tickles and I’m not sure I like that, but not too big a concern.

What I have a problem with are the snakes.  Jaydee has seen several small garter snakes and a few bigger ones, and I have seen a big garter snake a couple of times.  When Cthylou was here last week we saw a big brown one that I believe to be a Northern Watersnake (harmless) and I do not like that.   Jaydee thinks he may meet his maker along with snapper (we won’t name him because he may be short lived).  Is this terrible that we try to change our pond to a no snake zone – or at least a no big snake zone?

For the time being I make it very evident that I am walking near the pond and hope that all snakes take their leave before I get to where they are.

Paradise on my terms?

Paradise 2 Me

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5 Responses to Reptiles and Amphibians

  1. 🙂
    Franklin has relatives north of the Nakerage as well? I know there are several Franklins in DohNa’s pond.

  2. paradise2me says:

    I think they kind of stay to themselves. Jyydee’s concern is that Franklin will grow bigger.

  3. Audie Jean says:

    More “pond-erings” I see.

  4. Audie Jean says:

    Hey! Way to Go. I didn’t realize you had updated this post. Nice photos add a lot!

    • gchristie says:

      Thank you. It was interesting to work through the picture thing. It does add a bit of interest and I am glad I managed it.

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