Woke up wondering

I heard last week that there are people who buy used containers to use as garages. Apparently the containers are only used once and then sold. Can this be true? Not that I am disputing that it happens, but how can there be enough people to buy these containers to be able to get rid of the numbers that must be available if that is so. When we visited Savannah Georgia, there were ships lined up in the harbour waiting to unload hundreds if not thousands of containers full of stuff shipped from else where in the world. Is the trade balance so lopsided that N.A. can’t fill them to ship back where they came from. That was one ship in one port in one city in one hour of time in the US, and how many more ports and cities are there backed up just the same ALL THE TIME.
I ponder these things and wonder if we are not being buried by all this ‘stuff’ being imported into our country.

Just one morning of pondering,

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